First hike of 2017

Due to a fundraising endevour which I will write about in a future blog, I’m developing an interest in hiking.

All of my adult fitness interests have always included some form of running. As I age, I question if the pounding of running (which I have never embraced, BTW) is something I want to continue to do.

Hiking offers the fitness. Both mental and physical. Fresh air and outdoors and nature. How can that be bad?

Well, to that end, I grabbed my naive hiking partner, Poppy, and off we went to take a look at late winter on the Centennial and Lahave River trails.

She wasn’t really sure what to think about it at first, but she fell into it like she’s been on the trail her whole life.

We went for almost 50 minutes and about 4.5Km. (Out and back).

Then went home and made a killer supper. Just sayin’