Love the Police, Hate the Police

Let’s see what this post does for my popularity.

Recently a local cop was featured in the news for being investigated and charged criminally. Immediately, the public “experts” are running their mouths. Both about this guys presumed guilt, but also how cops, none of them, can be trusted.

Cops are always in the news. For good and for bad. Always. They bring in ratings. And don’t kid yourselves. In this highly competitive 1000 channel world, the news organization with the best story makes the money. Come up with a better, juicier story, and you sell your channel. That’s the bottom line.

What’s the result? When cops make mistakes, being human, they are paraded out in public to be beaten down BEFORE convicted. And their peers, who go to work, stand the line, serve and protect, get pulled into the fray.

Question to ponder. If the UPS or Purolator driver gets charged with DUI, does that mean that all drivers for those companies are drunks? It appears not. Papers don’t even pick that stuff up. Why? Read up. It don’t sell. But make it a scandal, make big inflated claims, and just watch the ratings soar.

Resulting from the media slant (sales), is the public, God love them, sheep being led to the slaughter, believing the hype and running their mouths on social media. Not a clue of what they are posting, retweeting, sharing or otherwise propagating. There seems to be some correlation between a single person being charged or investigated and the integrity of the entire collective population.

Let be honest and ask ourselves. Does any other profession suffer this? If a delivery driver runs over a pedestrian, does every driver get pegged a killer? If a doctor touches a patient in a “bad place”, is every doc a diddler? If a grocery clerk steals, is every store clerk a thief? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Remember one VERY important fact folks. In spite of this, when you’re in need and dial 911, they will arrive to save the day. Every faux corrupt one of them. Guaranteed.

I challenge anyone critical to be honest and assess whether they would survive the scorn and ridicule and general disrespect that “good people” laud upon them? I suspect not.

Be vigilant, have oversight, but be fair. It’s easy to criticize with limited information. The mob mentality runs rampant in social media. One mouthpiece shares their opinion and many pick that up as fact.

Parting thought. Don’t like how the police protect YOU? Feel free to pin on a badge and strap on a vest and gun belt and stand the line. Let’s see how good the view is from the not cheap seats.