Autistic Kids: The Square Peg

I saw this pic on my IG feed this morning:

Its not the first time I have seen this exact pic or read the meme enclosed in it, but it got me to thinking, “How do we prepare our kids for the world that is very much like that hammer in the pic?”

I know a young lad, who has, what I like to refer to as “a touch of Aspergers.” He is delightfully quirky. Intelligent as all can be, funny as f***, and wise well beyond his years. Scarily so.

I often refer to him as a 70 year old trapped in a teen body. Why is that? Cause he has one way of doing things; his way. Heaven help those who don’t play by those rules.

So how does he prepare to head out into that unforgiving world of hammers and round holes? Thats the million dollar question. If you ask the “experts”, they suggest that the world will somehow accommodate him. Wrong. We all know how the world favors the majority.

Its a challenge to slowly get him to accept other opinions, methods, options, strategies. Hes pretty good at once he is “guided” (read, pushed) into trying something new, of assimilating it into his practice. You need to be smart though. Not fool him, as such, but finesse the situation that he wants to try it.

Rest assured, he still has his way of doing things. Sometimes elegant, sometimes awkward, but always his. I envy his ability to be like Sinatra and do it “his way.”

I hope that he will keep exploring with guidance, new ways to tackle problems. But hey, like Huey Lewis sang, “Its Hip To Be Square.”