Happy Pi Day

Is this a thing? Pi day? How have I not heard of this before?? Well, I did some research (Google, thank you for not making me work too hard for it!), and yep, its a thing.

It is rather fortuitous, because as I was setting up this blog and thinking, “whatever will I write about?”, I knew the Raspberry Pi’s would have to be a common theme, since they form a good portion of my geekdom.

These little gadgets are amazing. For not so much money ($50), they give you a platform to create many wonderful things. So far, I have toyed with the following projects with the Pi:

  • DSTAR Hotspot
  • DSTAR Gateway on a hill far away
  • ADS-B Receiver
  • Torrent Box
  • APRS Transceiver

Some of these projects have lasted (DSTAR, ADS-B, APRS), others have been a been there, done that kind of thing.

The DSTAR projects allow me and fellow hams locally connect to other hams far away, like we are sitting in the next room. What, for generations,used to require stringing antennas across a backyard to the ire of a loving wives that shook their heads at their geek hubbies, we can now do the same with smaller projects that don’t devalue the property value!

So, if you are technically inclined and looking for a fun platform to experiment with, take a look at these machines. And even though I speak of them like a guy who just discovered water, they are not new. Just something new for me to write about!



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